Queen B Essential Pack

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Take advantage of this combo! 

1x Foam Eyelash cleanser 60ml 

1x Eyelash cleanser brush

1x Primer 15ml

1x Cream remover 15g

1x Queen B rapid 0.5-1 second adhesive 


Foam Eyelash Cleanser

Feature: Foaming shampoo cleanser

Function: To remove makeup residue and clean the eyelashes or simply use as a facial cleanser

Volume: Large 60ml bottle

Ingredients: purified water, propylene glycol, decanoyl / octanoyl-glycerides,EDTA disodium, imidazolidinyl urea, PEG-80 sorbitan laurate, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, sodium coceth-30 sulfate, caffeine fragrance.

 MLS Primer Primer is used to increases the adhesive retention to your eyelash application by strengthening the glues bond to the natural eyelash.

Size: 15ml Bottle 

Ingredients: Acrylate, H20, Surfactant

Our MLS Cream remover is very effective when it comes to the removal of eyelash extensions. Consisting of a thick cream paste simply let it sit for 2 mins and then remove with our MLS Cleanser, with minimal to no irritation during the removal process.


Ingredients: Propylene carbonate, Acrylic polymer, Bentonite, scent

15g container

"QUEEN B" 10ml by Melbourne Lash Supplies 

Our Queen B rapid dry 0.5-1 second is FAST!!! Queen B by Melbourne Lash Supplies is an elite adhesive for professionals with more experience. Its fast dry time will allow you to move faster through your sets and reduce dry time and stickies!

Made in Korea 

10ml bottle


Humidity of RH 45-70% 

Dry time 0.5-1 second

Retention 5-6 weeks

Room temperature 18¬į- 25¬į¬†

For maximum retention and best use, please follow your adhesive guidelines 

Click here for Queen B material safety data sheet  MSDS


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