BRONSUN Lash & Brow Dye

BRONSUN LASH AND BROW DYE is a extra-long-lasting eyelash and eyebrow dye leaving the colour effect on the skin and hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes, providing a rich and brighter result!

Extra-long-lasting tone is retained on the skin for up to 7 days and up to 7 weeks on hairs.

It’s the only tint of its kind in the market giving you the same long lasting effect as Henna.

Bronsun is created for professionals of the lash & brow industry.

We stock all shades, oxident, remover, primer, saline rinse, brow shampoo, conditioner and cleanser and wax!

We also stock all brow brushes to get those extra clean lines! Happy shopping!

The Bronsun Dye can last up to 2 weeks on the skin. This is dependent on the skin type and the customers
attention to looking after their brows, but its all about the application on the product. Dye holds a
strong colour deposit as it penetrates the whole hair as opposed to tint where the colour deposit is
only on the outer coating of the hair follicle. This is why tint fades within two weeks and and
Bronsun Dye grows out, it’s doesn’t fade out like a tint.

This is a cheat sheet for colour mixing to help you but once you have tried it a few times you
absolutely fall in love with how well it works. Your customers will definitely notice the difference.
#1 Black – Black is great for a client who has dark skin and dark hair colour, It can also be mixed with
the Dark Brown for brows to create a deeper more defined brow colour.
Creates a dramatic dark look to the eyelashes.
#2 Graphite – Fantastic colour on its own, great for mature clients who are going salt and pepper.
Great to also mix into any colour to create a cooler ash tone. Great to cool down the warmer tones
(great to use with every colour after performing at Brow Lamination Treatment) Use on grey and
mature clients. This is great mixed with Light Brown, this colour mix is a popular colour, for really fair
to medium blondes.
#3 Blue Black – The Blue Black in Bronsun is great for lashes, its a more subtle colour than the Black,
good for mature clients or someone wanting a softer lash look. (It the tinting world the Blue Black is
best, where in Bronsun Black is best for lashes) Blue Black can also be used to neutralize the yellow
tone or the warm tones in the light brown and brown colours.
#4 Chestnut - Chestnut is a cool brown (no red tinge) We really love the cool tone and the depth of the brown it gives. This is our go to
colour, when in doubt, we go with this colour, great for anyone who is fairer and wants a cooler tone
for their brows. Really great for your fake blondes with the darker eyes and darker brows.
#4.1 Red - Chestnut – Red Chestnut has a warm red undertone, you can use this colour for your fiery
red heads. It achieves a hot red colour. This can also be mixed with light brown to create a beautiful
natural looking light brown shade with a chestnut tone. You can also mix with brown for those who
need a little darker brow and if you feel you need to add a red warm tone to the brows.
# 5 Light Brown - A warm tone ( golden ) I like to add a small amount of graphite to counteract the
yellow tone and to cool the tone down. Great for greys and soft blondes

# 6 Brown - A warm tone, Brown is great for someone who has a lot of hair, perhaps someone who is
fair and wants more colour to their brows. However if your client has thin eyebrows the colour tone
on the skin can appear golden. Can always counteract with the Graphite.
#7 Dark Brown - Very strong cool brown, great for clients with darker features and darker hair with
olive skin.
Milk Developer - Must be used with bronsun to achieve the ideal results. Only one drop of oxidant to
1 pea size of the Dye. This ratio is important, for lashes the ratio is even less.
Tint remover - This is used for minor mistakes made or if the desired colour is too strong. Apply with
either a cotton q-tip or cotton pad. Great, to soften the front part of the brow to create an ombre


Just remember the Bronsun Dye, it is not just applied like an ordinary brow tint, it has to be applied
like a brow henna, a nice even and thin layers. If your applying Bronsun in a thicker coat you will need
to wait until it’s 100% dry. Otherwise you will take of the product prematurely because it will give you
an uneven finish with a dark ring around the brows.


If doing a Brow lamination add a drop of Graphite and you will find the skin stain will last longer. You
will find lamination will cause a lesser skin stain than normal on many clients.
If you clients brows are throwing yellow or green tinge, remember to make sure you allow the bronsun
to develop in a dish first for a couple of minutes, it needs to oxidize before application.
Average exposure time is 10mins, if taken off to early it could throw different shades of tinges.
If brows are looking green, it’s probably because its under a very white florescent light which will
appear to look green, because it a green base. I promise that the brows will turn brown and settle on
the skin by the time your client goes home. Also by adding the graphite to your light brow and brown
will help correct the colour.
Also remember after lamination, do a thorough cleanse, remover all traces of product, this can
definitely alter how the bronsun stays, appears and lasts.
Also if you client has an existing brow tattoo, this can sometimes have an effect of the colour of the
bronsun on the brows. When in doubt mix graphite with your colour.



People often ask us:
What BRONSUN dye shades are better to choose?
What colours are more in demand?

We would like to tell you about the shades that should be purchased first if you are going to tint with BRONSUN dyes. With their help, you can easily create mixes for all your clients with different color types. Useful information both for beginners and advanced professionals. So, save the post!

#2 Graphite
Has a blue-green core and a cold base. Suitable for tinting the eyebrows of raven-haired clients or those having cold blond hair (ash or pearl blond).

#4 Chestnut
Has a yellow-green core and neutral base. A non-intense shade that is perfect for tinting the eyebrows of medium blond types.

#5 Light Brown
Has a yellow core and warm base.
Perfect for clients with red, medium-blond and fair hair with straw, golden or ash tone.

#6 Brown
Has a blue-green core and neutral base. Suitable for clients with dark-blond hair.

                        SKIN STAIN SECRET :

Firstly Bronsun needs to be mixed to a 1:1 ratio. You don’t need as much as you would with tint so try and remember to take it easy when getting Bronsun from the tube. Your product will last much longer and save you money when used correctly.

You MUST then leave your mix for 1-2 mins only before application. Bronsun can NOT be mixed in metal as it will change the product and it will not work as designed.

Use plastic or glass mixing bowls.

Use an Angle brush for best stain.

You will press the colour in as you go. A nice neat and precise application is important. Use a Q tip to remove any mistakes as you go. Don’t leave it to the end to avoid any unwanted staining.

Remember BRONSUN is not a tint nor a Henna. Bronsun is a true Dye and does not contain any henna at all.

Only use Professional removal and cleansing products. Supermarket Micellar is not the same and will effect your results negatively. We stock the incredible Bronsun CARE range that has been specifically designed to enhance the results and longevity.

Remove from inside eye area first. You can create an Ombré effect if you do this after a few mins. Practice and you will soon know how to achieve varying results.

When you want it less pigmented just add a little more developer. It dilutes the colour.

Read your Bible. (We stock the bronsun bible) The Bronsun Bible comes in hard copy book. It has in depth training and tips and tricks. 

Practice. Practice. Practice.

If you have any other questions Ask away!