Mancine Hot Wax 500gms

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Mancine Hot Wax is designed for professional use only.
Melbourne Lash Supplies run Waxing courses including XXX wax from our retail store and training academy in Bluestone street Pakenham. Get in touch to enquire. 

Mancine Hot Waxes are applied at half the thickness of other hot waxes so you get more applications per kilogram. Even your most pedantic clients will love our range of waxes.

Siempre Azure
Azurelene, an extract of chamomile, acts as an anti-inflammatory to cool and calm delicate skin. An extremely soft and flexible formulation.
Ingredients Bees Wax, Microcrystaline, Natural and Modified Pine Rosin, Azurelene Extract.
Kiwi & Aloe 
Kiwi & Aloe Ultra Flexxx™ is a high performing superior grip wax with a distinct clear light green colour. Exceptional in its elasticity and pliability, it glides on smoothly giving no resistance when applying.
Ultra Flexxx™ Kiwi & Aloe has a low melting point, is odorless, and will last one and a half times longer than most organic waxes. Suitable for all skin types.
Ingredients Synthetic Resin, Vegetable Oil(s),Paraffin Wax.
Brazilian Rose
Australias No.1 natural XXX wax, with ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.
Brazilian Rose is mixed with titanium dioxide (which acts as an anti-inflammatory) spreads thinly and is strong enough to remove the toughest hair immediately without discomfort or irritation.
Excellent on the most sensitive skins anywhere.
Ingredients Bees Wax, Microcrystaline, Natural and Modified Pine Rosin, Titanium Dioxide, Chamomile Extract.
Ultra Flexxx White 
new “white wax” by Mancine is formulated for exceptional results using the most advanced waXXX technology. Ultra Flexxx’s™ unique plastic texture makes Ultra Flexxx™ ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for Brazilians.
Ultra Flexxx™ is mixed with titanium dioxide which makes it great for sensitive areas, reducing redness with Ultra Flexxx’s™ hypoallergenic properties.
Ingredients Synthetic Resin, Vegetable Oil(s), Paraffin Wax.

Ultra Flexxx Brazilian Stawberry
Formulated to gently pamper sensitive and delicate skin, reducing redness with its hypoallergenic properties. Brazilian Strawberry is uniquely flexible and great for sensitive areas! 
Ultra Flexx’s™ unique plastic texture makes Ultra Flexxx™ ultra-flexible, have a powerful grip, and perfect for Brazilians.
Ingredients Synthetic Resin, Vegetable Oil(s),
Paraffin Wax
Ultra Film Pomegranate and Jojoba The world’s thinnest spreading wax. Scent of Pomegranate and the soothing Jojoba. Ultra Film provides a high performance plastic texture wax with superior grip.
Pure Olive Oil
With all the benefits of olive oil. Great results, great to use. Soothing formula with superior grip. Removes even the shortest hair. Leaves very little sticky residue. Extremely pliable. Spreads thinly for more applications per kilogram. New Formula!
Ingredients Rosin, Esterified & Hydrogenated Resins, Bees Wax, Microcrystaline, Olive Oil (Olea Europea).
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