Lash Lift & Lami Glue Balm

Lash Lift & Lami Glue Balm

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Melbourne Lash Supplies Glue Balm is elite for holding the natural lashes in place during a lash lift.

Melbourne Lash Supplies glue lift balm acts as a glue to lift and hold natural lashes in place while hydrating thr natural lashes. 


Faster treatment time 

No traditional lift glue needed

No need to remove lift balm

Hydrating to the natural lashes

Can be used for brow lamination 

How to use: 

Secure lash lift rods on your clients lid using Melbourne Lash Supplies lift balm and lift natural lashes onto rods apply a small amount of Melbourne Lash Supplies lift balm. Lashes will stay in place and can be combed into position. 


Add on:

Pair Melbourne Lash Supplies lift balm with a silicone brush also available on our website

Using a silicone brush will reduce treatment time and minimises waste.

No product absorption


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