Lash Pillow & Table (Fabric Pillow)

  • $159.95

Lash Pillow & Table


Size:  500x200x115mm

Material: Memory foam

Fabric: Flannel 


Size: 400x200x130mm

Material: Acrylic Perspex

Our gorgeous Melbourne Lash Supplies pillows give the perfect neck support to your clients!
The material is super comfy!

Simply spray your shelf with Isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean in between each client. Unzip your pillow cover and pop it straight in the wash! 
The structure of our pillow has been finely perfected to prevent you from straining or reaching over your client resulting in strains or injury, also allowing your client to lay in a comfortable position for a long period of time and stop them from wriggling around!
These pillows also have storage pockets for lash equipment!
We also stock the lash table that goes with the pillow that has convenient storage for tweezers, lash trays and all equipment! 

custom lash table are the perfect accessory organizer with tweezer storage, lash case and accessory storage right at your finger tips! Make life easier and add this beauty to your setup! 

You can purchase the lash pillow and table in a set or you can purchase them separately!
If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email or message us!
Happy Lashing! 


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