Henna Kit Le Marque

Henna Kit Le Marque

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Perfect complete kit nothing missing or damaged. Clar plastic film not on box.


The system consists of 5 natural shades of henna derived from the native plant of India, Lawsonia Inermis. A simple and easy to use system where all you need to add is water!

Le Marque henna can last up to 5 weeks provided the user has followed all steps and procedures with the complete Le Marque Professional Brow Design System.


  • Five shades of Henna, Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown & Blonde
  • Brow Cleanser 50ml
  • Brow Nourishing Oil 30ml
  • Rose Gold Tweezers
  • Rose Gold Scissors
  • Dual Action Henna Brush
  • Brow Waxing Spatulas

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