Henna Brows Refilll 12 pack Le Marque ON SALE

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Contents Includes:
- Spatula
- Measuring cup
- Product guide
- Bottle for left over henna
- 12 Sachets of brow henna



1. Begin with cleansing your clients brows and the surrounding area with Le Marque Brow Cleanser. TIP: For longer lasting results, ensure the skin is completely cleaned of any oils.

2. Start the consultation and check for any contraindications. For first time Henna clients, it is advised to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to the appointment.

3. Map your clients brows while carefully analysing their skin and hair tones to determine the best suited colour. TIP: Le Marque Henna can be mixed to create a custom blend best suited to your client.

4. Scoop one heap of desired Henna from the sachet with the Henna spoon and place into the mixing cup. Add three drops of water and mix well to form a smooth even paste.

5. You can lighten the tone of Henna by adding more water to create a thinner paste or for a deeper, stronger tone, simply add more Henna powder and mix to form a thicker paste.

6. Roll the opened Henna sachet into a tight tube and place in the bottle provided with the cap closed tightly. TIP: From a one gram sachet of Le Marque Henna, you can marque up to 7 sets of brows and it can also be stored for up to 6 months after opening.

7. Brush all brow hairs into place using the spooley end of the Dual Action Contour Brush then utilise the angled brush end to apply the Henna. Ensure to use the full benefits of the brushes angle to create precision in your brow design.

8. Press and line the product into the skin to create a precision when shaping. This technique also strengthens the pigments depth in the skin. TIP: If your client has grey, unruly or persistent hairs, you can brush the henna through the brows using the spooley end to effectively cover and conceal the hairs.

9. For any marque errors, immediately remove with a damp cotton tip to avoid any unwanted stains.

10. Allow 10-20 mins for the Henna to dry and reach the desired shade or marque.

11. Once the desired shade is achieved, remove the dried Henna from a small section of the brow first by brushing the dried paste from the hair and skin using the spooley end of the brush.

12. Make sure to brush the Henna residue away from your clients eyes to avoid any irritation or discomfort.

13. Once the small section of stained hair and skin is revealed, check to see the tone is at the desired shade and depth. TIP: A Le Marque Henna Design should be seen as a marque present on the brow hairs and the skin.

14. Use the spooley brush to gently brush away remaining henna from the hairs and skin. Once the henna has been removed as much as possible, use a slightly dampened cotton round to lightly wipe over the brows removing any excess Henna. TIP: If there’s no visible sign of excess Henna, skip this step to avoid excessive water use over the fresh marque.

15. Using the Brow Spatulas provided, apply Mancine Professional’s Champagne hot wax to remove any unwanted hairs from your design.

16. Begin the final touches with the Rose Gold Tweezer, removing any hairs too close to the brow shape to remove with wax. Continue the contour and trim the hairs to shape with the Rose Gold Brow Scissors.

17. Complete the design with a luxe massage over the brows and surrounding skin with LE MARQUE Brow Nourishing Oil. This carefully designed blend of essential oils will lock in the colour to bring longer lasting results while nourishing and protecting the hairs. TIP: To maximise the longevity of the marque, advise your client to keep the area dry for up to 24 hours

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